February 19, 2009

TIP: Disposable Epoxy Mixing Trays

Epoxy, that universal fix for everything that duct tape can't handle (wait, duct tape can't fix everything?). Unfortunately, anything you mix it on needs to be disposable. But paper can soak through, and cardboard soaks up the epoxy and gets droopy or can contaminate the epoxy with fibers. So what is one to do?

Save the flat areas of the clear plastic packaging that is used on everything from kids toys to memory cards (I believe it is sometimes referred to as clam shell packaging). Then use it to create custom sized trays to mix the resin and hardener on. I have found this type of plastic to be just the right thickness to make a good tray. Small pieces are stiff enough to not droop, yet it is easy to cut.

In addition to the tray, you can also cut out a small 'spatula' to do the mixing and applying with. Or, whittle down a popsicle stick if you need something a little firmer.

When you are done with your repair, let the remaining epoxy dry and throw it away, no mess, no fuss.

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